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Changing When I Write - Week 4 Recap

Well, I made it through another week of writing every day!

But I slipped hard back into some old habits.

If you read my very first Year of Writing post, you may recall that I used to (on a daily basis) prioritize my writing last. I’d do ALL the other things first, then eventually get to my writing. Or more likely, not write at all.

That’s exactly what happened this past week. Instead of squeezing in some writing time in the morning, I’d sleep in or start work early, telling myself that I could write in the evenings. When evening rolled around, I’d veg out on the couch and/or get distracted by social media. Suddenly, it’d be 10pm.

Before my Year of Writing project, I’d usually shrug at this point in the night and tell myself that I could make up words the next day. I’d go to bed feeling not only disappointed in myself, but a little bit miffed as well.

Since I’m in the midst of my Year of Writing project, I hurriedly grabbed my laptop and frantically typed a few paragraphs. But guess what? I didn’t feel proud of myself for sneaking those words in. I felt disappointed and miffed.

Because even though I had written that day, I had made writing my lowest priority.

Those late-night words were rushed, sloppy, and honestly, not enjoyable at all to write. I was so stressed out about slipping up on my writing every day goal, that I wrote in a state of panic, rather than a state of joy. Writing felt like a task on a checklist, much like washing dishes and brushing my teeth.

Not fun, that’s for sure!

So after a few bad days this past week, I’ve decided that I need to shift my mindset even further. Yes, writing everyday is great, and I will absolutely continue to do that. But I also need to reprioritize my daily schedule.

Write first.

Right when I wake up, after I pet my kitties, I will write. Before I shower, before I exercise, before I have coffee or eat breakfast, I will write.

I know some of you are thinking “You had me up until the coffee bit,” and I know, I know. Writing before coffee might be rough. But I don’t plan to write more than 10 minutes. Which means I’m not going to be getting up absurdly early to accomplish this new goal. In fact, I don’t plan to get up any early than my regular time. I’m just, again, going to re-prioritize my time. Instead of heading into work a few minutes early, I may stay a few minutes late. Or instead of some of my morning chores, I may save them for later in the day.

Small changes, small shifts. Big results?? Maybe!

I’m hoping that changing when I write will allow me to get more words in and, more importantly, will help me feel better about my writing at the end of each day.

Stay tuned to see how it goes!

My mood regarding the past week: Bleh

My mood for this coming week: You can do all the things, even without coffee!

Other insights: This was the first Thanksgiving day in a looonng time where I got some writing done, so that felt great! Nothing like spending a holiday scarfing down food and storytelling.

That's it for now. Til next week, my writerly wizards!

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