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Single Scoop Bio

Kat lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two cats, and a thousand mosquitoes. She writes middle grade humor and horror novels, all with a fun fantastical twist. If she’s not buried in a book or pan of double fudge brownies, you can find her exploring outdoors, always on the lookout for her next idea. 

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Double Scoop Bio

Once upon a time, Kat’s love of movies and screenwriting took her out west to the busy streets of Los Angeles. She worked in the entertainment industry for 5+ years and was a crew member on everything from an Emmy-winning TV show to Hallmark channel movies to short films. 


Since then, she’s moved to Wisconsin, where she spends her days as Narrative Lead for a mobile gaming studio. Her days are filled with world building, story creation, and character spec’ing. 


In her free time, she writes books (MG humor, horror, graphic novels, and fantasy) and scripts (humor and horror/thriller). She also enjoys playing RPG with friends, baking/cooking, singing the same show tunes over and over again, and spending time with her husband and two cats (Merry and Pippin).

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Triple Scoop Bio (in a waffle cone)

As I’m sure you’ve gathered from the previous two bios, I love to write and read. 

But I also love other things too. 


Here are some of my other interests:


  • Musicals. I’ve seen shows in London, NYC, Chicago, LA, and more. I think total, I’ve seen over 70 live and countless other recordings.

  • DnD and RPGs. The best character I ever played was a pigmy goat named Admiral Tanner.

  • Movies. Favorites include: Fellowship of the Ring, Jurassic Park, Spirited Away, Galaxy Quest

  • Baking. I’ve been told I make an excellent chocolate layer cake. 

  • Podcasts. I binge writing and interior decorating podcasts. Let me know if you have a rec for a good one!

  • Walking and the occasional Zumba done in the comfort of my living room where no one can see me but my cats (yes, I tell my husband to stay away). 

  • Decorative tissue boxes

  • Halloween and Autumn

  • Made from scratch eggnog

  • Traveling. By plane or car, I’m not picky.

  • Geek conferences. Yes, I have cosplayed before. 

  • Octopuses. They’re magnificent creatures!

  • Petting sting rays. I find this really relaxing for some reason.

  • The color green.

  • Naps.

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